Jacob Cohen
Project Lead
Jacob Cohen is a Senior Computer Science: Computer Game Design major at UCSC. As the project lead on Sedimental Storm he looks forward to continually refining both the technical and design centric aspects of the game until it is a fun, meaningful experience.
Michael Brich
Sedimental Storm Developer
Max Savage
Sedimental Storm Developer
Dave Lazell
Sedimental Storm Developer
Kyle Novelli
Sedimental Storm Developer
Lyn // shunao 
Character / Animation Artist
Lyn is the character designer and animation artist for Sedimental Storm. Other than drawing, she likes eating and sleeping.
Background Artist
In the faraway land of New Jersey resides Radiostarkiller. Aside from having a knack in background illustrations, I'm currently a student majoring in computer science. I am also greatly fond of Hawaiian pizza.

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